Energy & Environment CapTech 5th meeting in Maribor successfully concluded

This meeting was also aimed at presenting the professional and technological solutions and breakthrough technologies, aimed at addressing environmental and energy related challenges in the defence and security sector. Activities and projects to strengthen international cooperation, as well as opportunities for more active involvement of civilian representatives, were presented. For this reason, we at TECES […]

Project HibroM partners visit the Slovenian Armed Forces’s Temporary Deployable Base

Climate experts predict an increased frequency of such natural disasters in the future, similar to the catastrophic floods in Slovenia in August 2023. Therefore, the timely response of the state to any new emergencies resulting from environmental and climate changes is of utmost importance. This is also one of the reasons why the Si MoD […]

HibroM RDI project Kick-Off at Slovenian Ministry of Defence

Basic Information on the HibroM Project The HibroM project represents one of the numerous RDI projects by Slovenian partners supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Defence (Si MoD). These projects address the green transition, energy, and environmental challenges in the defence and security sector under the auspices of the Slovenian Energy and Environment Partnership in […]

Car-sharing at the Slovenian Ministry of Defence

From fossil fuels to renewables The Ministry recognises that it is difficult to avoid travelling for work (business) and thus having your own car fleet, so in the interest of greening mobility, it also encourages car sharing. One option for greener mobility is the use of so-called alternative energy vehicles. For every kilometre of use […]

Slovenian representative appointed as the EDA’s EnE CapTech Industry Rapporteur

On 27 June 2023, representatives of the Slovenian Ministry of Defence and TECES attended the 4th meeting of the European Defence Agency’s (EDA) Energy and Environment Technology Capability Group (EnE CapTech). The event reviewed the status of activities and projects within the EnE CapTech and the activities planned to strengthen cooperation between the 23 countries […]

New Sector for Energy Efficience and Green Transition at The Slovenian Ministry of Defence

Mission, Aims and Goals In addition, the sector’s work is also focused on developing methodologies for measuring energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste production, as well as setting up a system where relevant energy and environmental data can be measured and recorded in one place. This should allow faster analysis of trends, […]

Minister of Defence and TECES signed a letter of support for INDY project

The Ministry’s national financial support for many research development innovation projects In parallel with signing the letter of support, the minister signed two more contracts for research, development, and innovation projects with Slovenian companies. With this act, the ministry continues its efforts towards the modernization of the Slovenian Army. It aims to encourage the Slovenian […]

Slovenian approach towards greening defence at the “EDID 2023”

To achieve the European Green Deal goals rapidly, which address the decrease in fossil fuels reliance and ensure climate neutrality, the European Commission is increasingly encouraging the development of innovative and diverse energy-efficient solutions. The trend of development and use of energy-efficient and green technologies is also present in defence, and mostly support and synergy […]

New EDF work programme 2023 published!

EDF 2023

About EDF 2023 Work programme The third EDF work programme is organised around 4 thematic calls and 3 calls dedicated to SMEs and disruptive technologies, consisting of 34 topics on the following categories with a dedicated budget in M (milions). Defence medical response, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) | €40 M Information superiority | €99 […]

The Kick-Off of the EDF-2021-INDY project

The event opened with speeches by Dr Damir ČRNČEC, State Secretary at the Slovenian Ministry of Defence, Mr Ngandu MUPANGILAI, European Commission (DG DEFIS) as dedicated INDY Project Officer, Col Robert ŠIPEC, the Head of Armament Division at the Si MoD and newly appointed INDY Project Manager, and Mr Matej GAJZER, Managing Director of TECES […]