Hydrogen as an important energy source in the greening defence

Hydrogen – an important energy source in the greening defence Today, hydrogen is at the forefront of the political agenda. It plays a key role in contributing to a sustainable, decarbonised and fully integrated EU energy system and is also crucial to the EU’s strategy to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050. Hydrogen is a source […]

Slovenia’s exceptional success in the EDF 2021 tender

The outstanding success of TECES, SiEnE partnership, and Si MoD and Slovenia Together with national and international partners, TECES applied at the international tender EDF-2021 with two projects in the thematic group “Energy efficiency and energy management“; with the strategic project “INDY – Energy independent and efficient systems for military camps” and TECES as the […]

Slovenia recognised at the EU forum CF SEDSS

Slovenia’s extremely proactive international role in supporting the green transition The TECES and MORS, under the auspices of the SiEnE partnership, have been extremely proactive in various international events and activities on the topic of environmental and energy challenges in defence. Slovenia is becoming recognised as one of the leading countries in integrating the experiences […]

EDF work programme 2022 adopted, calls in early June

About the 2022 EDF work programme European Defence Fund provides €1 billion to boost the EU’s defence capabilities and new tools for defence innovation. The second EDF work programme 2022 will be organised around 8 calls addressing 16 categories consisting of 33 topics. After a short assessment, we must emphasise, that energy-related topics are not […]

Business and development opportunities in the EU defence

Partnership SiEnE: opportunities for Slovenian stakeholders in the EU defence area To give Slovenian stakeholders a more detailed insight into the functioning of the international defence environment, an event, “Business and development opportunities for civilian and defence stakeholders’ cooperation in the field of defence and security“, was organised as part of the SiEnE partnership. Although […]

Development missions are key RD orientations for 10 years

The conclusions of an R&D study successfully conducted in 2021 with the title “The R&D feasibility study on ways of developing smart deployable infrastructure capacities (Smart Energy Efficient Camps SmartEEC)”– SmartEEC – along with the outstanding results of the Slovenian Energy and Environment Partnership in Defence’s (SiEnE’s) international activities – have made smart energy-efficient and […]

SiEnE’s partnership operation exceeded all expectations!

SiEnE Past, Future 2022

The challenges of the green transition in defence are an opportunity for Slovenian partners The Ministry of Defence and TECES have perceived great potential in addressing energy and environmental challenges and the green transition in the defence and security sector. The most potential for Slovenian partners represents various programmes of the European Defence Agency (EDA), […]

Waste to energy technologies in defence

On 31 March 2022, the 1st online workshop ” Waste to energy technologies in defence (WANTED)” was held, organized by the European defence agency (EDA) and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). The workshop was attended by more than 35 international EnE CapTech representatives and experts in the field of waste management, including […]

Most important critical raw materials for EU defence sector are?

The European Defence Agency (EDA) Materials CapTech and the Incubation Forum for Circular Economy in European Defence (IF CEED) jointly organized a workshop “Circularity of Critical Raw Materials“. The workshop was held on March 15, 2022, online. The purpose was the identification of the most important critical raw materials – CRM in the defence sector. […]

The development of interoperability only with quality standards!

As part of its education and training activities in the framework of its defence standardisation actions, the European Defence Agency (EDA) organized a pilot webinar on March 15, 2022, entitled »European Defence Standardisation«. The objective of the webinar was to present the latest activities in the field of EU defence standardization development, to strengthen the […]