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EDF launched first calls for 2021!
The European Defence Fund (EDF) has launched the first series of calls for 2021!
EDF launched first calls for 2021!
The European Defence Fund (EDF) has launched the first series of calls for 2021!
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The European Defence Fund (EDF) has published the first set of tenders, where 37 tender areas in a total value of 1,2 billion EUR are available. TECES has with the support of its members and the active support of the Ministry of Defence (MORS) within the Slovenian Partnership for Energy and Environment in Defence (SiEnE), strived for more concrete involvement of Slovenian stakeholders in international defence consortia aiming to green the defence sector solutions.

About the European Defence Fund (EDF) calls

From 1 July 2021, the first set of tenders is opened with 37 tender areas under the European Defence Fund (EDF) with total value of 1,2 billion EUR. In the period 2021-2027, the EDF provides 8 billion EUR in co-financing for defence research and development projects in all operational and technological areas (land, sea, air, space, cybernetics, informatics, energy, materials, CBRN, etc.).

The following may apply: – large enterprises, medium-sized enterprises, and small enterprises | – research and technological organizations, | – universities, | – public sector, | – business associations, | – national authorities, | – international organizations.

The EDF work program for 2021 includes 23 competitive calls covering 37 themes in a total budget of € 1.2 billion.

The submission deadline is December 9, 2021.

Active role of SiEnE partnership founders on the international floor

TECES, with the support of its members and the active support of the Ministry of Defence (MORS) within the activities of the Slovenian Partnership for Energy and Environment in Defence (SiEnE), strived for more concrete involvement of Slovenian stakeholders to the international defence consortia.

Active participation in various working groups of the European Defence Agency (EDA), such as The Energy and Environment Working Group (EnE WG) and the Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (CF SEDSS) has been paying off the first results in the last six months, as we are actively involved in international cooperation activities in the following areas:

  • energy efficient and smart camps,
  • energy efficient devices and systems,
  • Buildings & Deployable Energy Management Systems,
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems,
  • hydrogen and hydrogen technologies,
  • production, conversion, distribution, storage and use of energy,
  • water and waste supply and management,
  • Sustainable Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (SNEZB)
  • modular and quick-assembly units,
  • living friendly, safe and healthy ambience (interior),
  • cyber security and artificial intelligence,
  • digitization (planning, BIM, digital twins, management …).

Topics in “Energy efficiency and energy management (EDF-2021-ENERENV-D)”

The closest area to the current activities of TECES and the SiEnE partnership is the area of the tender “Energy efficiency and energy management (EDF-2021-ENERENV-D)”, where EUR 133 million is available.

Members of partnerships under the auspices of TECES, and especially members of SiEnE, will receive more details about our planned and implemented activities in the future.
In case of expressed interest in cooperation, call us!

Contact: TECES Project Office .:. +386 2 333 13 50 .:.

List of all EDF calls 2021:

  1. Energy independent and efficient systems for military camps| 📢
  2. Next generation electrical energy storage for military forward operation bases| 📢
  3. Alternative propulsion and energy systems for next generation air combat systems
  4. Detection, identification and monitoring (DIM) of CBRN threats
  5. Next generation rotorcraft technologies
  6. Infrared detectors
  7. Research on innovative and future-oriented defence solutions
  8. Advanced radar technologies
  9. Materials and structures for enhanced protection in hostile environments
  10. Ship Structural Health Monitoring
  11. Advanced RF components
  12. Digital ship and ship digital architecture
  13. Improved warheads
  14. Frugal learning for rapid adaptation of AI systems
  15. Improving cyber defence and incident management with artificial intelligence
  16. Future modular ground vehicles and enabling technologies, including green technologies
  17. Non-line-of-sight optical sensors applications
  18. Military multi-domain operations cloud
  19. Development of innovative and future-oriented defence solutions
  20. Modular and multirole patrol corvette
  21. Research on disruptive technologies for defence
  22. Development of full-size demonstrators for soldier systems
  23. Space and ground-based NAVWAR surveillance
  24. Development of a digital system for the secure and quick exchange of information related to military mobility
  25. Development of defence medical countermeasures
  26. Unmanned ground vehicle technologies
  27. BLOS collaborative close combat architecture
  28. Quantum technologies for defence
  29. Over-the-horizon radars applications
  30. Improved efficiency of cyber trainings and exercises
  31. High-altitude platform systems
  32. New materials and technologies for additive manufactured defence applications
  33. Endo-atmospheric interceptor – concept phase
  34. Enhanced pilot environment for air combat
  35. European interoperability standard for collaborative air combat
  36. European protected waveform and accompanying technologies for resilient satellite communications against jamming
  37. Robust defence multi-dimensional communications

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