Slovenian Energy and Environment
Partnership in Defence
  • Comprehensive approach to foster civilian and defence stakeholder collaboration;
  • Addressing green transition, energy and environmental challenges in defence;
  • Research & development and technological collaboration;
  • Cooperation in international defence programmes, projects and global value chains;
  • Support for development of civilian and defence solutions (dual-use).
Established under the auspices
14. 10. 2022
Hydrogen as an important energy source in the greening defence
The 1st international thematic workshop of the CF SEDSS on hydrogen and hydrogen technologies was organised in Ljubljana, 11-12 October. ...
3 min branja
25. 07. 2022
Slovenia's exceptional success in the EDF 2021 tender
TECES is one of the most successful Slovenian applicants in the EDF 2021 tender - projects INDY and NOMAD approved for funding. ...
3 min branja
5. 07. 2022
Slovenia recognised at the EU forum CF SEDSS
Founders of the SiEnE partnership active at the 4th CF SEDSS III conference in France. ...
3 min branja
21. 04. 2022
Business and development opportunities in the EU defence
Providing more detailed insight into the functioning of the international defence environment to Slovenian stakeholders. ...
2 min branja
8. 04. 2022
Development missions are key RD orientations for 10 years
Development missions are strategic areas understood as development orientations for advanced technological solutions, processes and services....
4 min branja
SiEnE Past, Future 2022
1. 04. 2022
SiEnE’s partnership operation exceeded all expectations!
The conclusion based on past achievements and planned activities in 2022 identified new areas of reinforced SiEnE's operation....
2 min branja

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Individual consideration of projects and proposals, and solutions oriented to members' needs.

Individual consideration of projects and proposals, and solutions oriented to members' needs.

The opportunity to draft project proposals and involvement in international research and development, and technological demo projects.

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