Slovenian Energy and Environment
Partnership in Defence
  • Comprehensive approach to foster civilian and defence stakeholder collaboration;
  • Addressing green transition, energy and environmental challenges in defence;
  • Research & development and technological collaboration;
  • Cooperation in international defence programmes, projects and global value chains;
  • Support for development of civilian and defence solutions (dual-use).
Established under the auspices
14. 02. 2024
HibroM Project in the prototype development phase
At the end of 2023, HibroM R&D project entered the phase of development and prototyping of a hybrid mobile micro network of temporary bases....
3 min branja
15. 01. 2024
HibroM visiting new production line of battery modules
We are delighted that the RRI consortium of the HibroM project had the opportunity to visit the Li-ion battery production of our partner TAB d.d. ...
2 min branja
24. 10. 2023
Energy & Environment CapTech 5th meeting in Maribor successfully concluded
More than 55 experts from Ministries of Defence, industry, universities, and research institutes from 16 European countries participated in the ...
3 min branja
28. 09. 2023
Project HibroM partners visit the Slovenian Armed Forces's Temporary Deployable Base
Partners of the RDI project HibroM visited a temporary camp of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) to familiarise themselves with current energy sistems....
2 min branja
29. 08. 2023
HibroM RDI project Kick-Off at Slovenian Ministry of Defence
The Slovenian MoD hosted the Kick-Off RDI HibroM, Development of hybrid mobile microgrids for deployable dual-use camps project...
3 min branja
6. 07. 2023
Slovenian representative appointed as the EDA's EnE CapTech Industry Rapporteur
The Slovenian representative from TECES and SiEnE partnership appointed as the Industry Rapporteur of the Energy and Environment CapTech...
3 min branja

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Individual consideration of projects and proposals, and solutions oriented to members' needs.

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