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Business and development opportunities in the EU defence
Business and development opportunities in the EU defence for Slovenian stakeholders
Business and development opportunities in the EU defence
Business and development opportunities in the EU defence for Slovenian stakeholders
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Partnership SiEnE’s event »Business and development opportunities in defence« was successfully carried out last week. The aim of the event was to present the structure and operation of the international defence environment and related business and development opportunities for the civilian and defence stakeholders’ participation to Slovenian partners .

The successful results of the partnership SiEnE’s operation were presented along with the benefits of a comprehensive approach to civilian and defence representatives in international activities and projects. The opportunities for Slovenian experts and company representatives in various international expert and project groups that cover energy and environmental challenges and support the activities of the green transition of the defence sector were highlighted.

More than 40 experts and representatives within companies, research organisations and government officials, responsible for development and research, civil protection, infrastructure, environment and international cooperation attended the event.

Partnership SiEnE: opportunities for Slovenian stakeholders in the EU defence area

To give Slovenian stakeholders a more detailed insight into the functioning of the international defence environment, an event, “Business and development opportunities for civilian and defence stakeholders’ cooperation in the field of defence and security“, was organised as part of the SiEnE partnership.

Although the defence sector has always been strategically important and remains at the forefront of technological developments, defence forces today often use civilian applications and services developed and produced by private high-tech companies. Therefore, within the partnership SiEnE we encourage and enhance the synergies between civilian and defence research, to speed up innovation and strengthen technological sovereignty in the security and defence sectors.

The event aimed to present and promote the international defence environment, in which main programs and initiatives for international cooperation were presented by dr. Kim Mezga (TECES). Director mag. Matej Gajzer (TECES) presented successful results of the SiEnE partnership integration in the international programs and activities within the European Defence Agency (EDA), focusing on solving energy and environmental challenges and the green transition in the defence sector. He emphasised the importance of involving Slovenian stakeholders in EU defence areas, such as working groups (CapTechs) and international programmes and initiatives (PESCO, CF SEDSS, IF CEEDS). Based on the R&D study on developing smart and energy-efficient deployable camps, he presented development missions and related solutions for defence on developing smart and energy-efficient deployable camps; he presented development missions and related solutions for both defence and civilian purposes (dual-use).

The Slovenian Ministry of Defence (Si MoD) representatives Uroš KOROŠEC, General Director of the Logistics Directorate Col. Robert ŠIPEC, Head of the Equipping Division of the Logistics Directorate and mag. Željko KRALJ, Directors’ Advisor from the Logistics Directorate, pointed out the ministry’s needs and opportunities within partnership SiEnE, focusing on the development missions.

To exploit the potential of international development and technological cooperation, members of the partnership SiEnE are actively working on establishing the demonstration polygon site for a smart energy-efficient and energy self-sufficient camp for dual-use located in Slovenia. Activities started within the open public tender for recovery and resilience with pilot demonstration projects (Recovery and resilience Plan). Slovenia represents an ideal site to test and validate various technologies and solutions, developed in cooperation with domestic and international partners. Some Cat B projects of bilateral or multilateral collaboration of countries are already in preparation (European Defence Fund projects etc.).

Additional information

Contact us for more information about your participation in the SiEnE activities and involvement in international activities, projects or supply chains.

dr. Kim MEZGA – TECES .:. +386 2 333 13 54 .:.

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