CREApro ltd
Dolenjska cesta 242B
1000 Ljubljana
CREApro ltd
Since: 2010

CREApro is a data science company that specialized in AI technology and experience for solving different business challenges. We have a passion for data-driven solutions and believe in the power of predictive analytics and machine learning. We strive to provide the best possible solutions to our clients, tailoring our solutions to their individual needs.

Our services include predictive analytics, data engineering, machine learning, and AI. We use the latest technologies to create insights from data and develop tailored solutions for our clients. We use advanced algorithms and techniques to solve complex problems and help our clients make better decisions. We help our clients understand the value of their data and how to use it in most efficient way. In the last few years our team provided data-driven solutions for marketing, customer engagement, product development, planning and many others.

Competences and capabilities

Integration / Engineering:

Sales model


Production program or services

AI / ML models and solutions; Data editing and reporting; Cryptography; Cyber security.

Previous experience with defense programs

Members of the PASEI 2 consortium, an EDA-supported project for UGVs (autonomous vehicles without a human crew)