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DOMEL d.o.o.
Otoki 21
4228 Železniki, Slovenia
+ 386 4 511 71 00
DOMEL, electric motors and household appliances, d.o.o.
Since: 1946

Reliable partner with more than 70 years of tradition
DOMEL is a developer and supplier of advanced solutions in the field of electric motors and components. Our basic competence is how to design an efficient motor and make a reliable motor construction for a variety of markets from household to gardening, industrial, heat and ventilation, medical and automotive applications.

DOMEL is a strategic development partner form many successful global brands which reflect in long term cooperation. Innovative solutions enable realization of 30% to 40 % of yearly turnover by products younger than 3 years.

Innovative R&D and advanced manufacturing technologies
Core R&D competences are: structural mechanics, electromagnetics, rotodynamics, aerodynamics, acoustics, power electronics, rapid prototyping. Over the years of motor testing and measurements Domel specialized in vibration and shock testing, EMC testing, motor performance testing, climatic testing, noise measurements, life time testing.

DOMEL is a strong vertical integrated motor manufacturer with own knowledge of key motor technologies such as stamping, molding, overmolding and automation. These technologies have been developed into the strategic core competencies and as such leverage the competitiveness of DOMEL.

Competences and capabilities


Sales model


Production program or services

Electric motors for houshold appliances and gardening applications, blowers for industy and medicine, motors for HVAC, motors for water, oil and hydrogen pumps, laboratory centrifuges,..

Previous experience with defense programs

Cooperation with Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia on mobile and stationary unit with a fuel cell power source.