Electric Power Research Institute Milan Vidmar
Hajdrihova 2
1000 Ljubljana
Electric Power Research Institute Milan Vidmar
Since: 1948

Elektroinštitut Milan Vidmar (EIMV) or Electric Power Research Institute Milan Vidmar is the leading Slovenian engineering and scientific research organization acting in the area of electric power engineering. From the economic and technological perspective, it addresses the issues of generation, transmissition and distribution of electricity. The experts at the insitute prepare feasibility and implementation studies, expert reports, they implement technological, environmental and other analyses, inspect the quality and operation of electric power systems and facilities as required by electric power utilities, ministries and national as well as regional authorities. The institute also implements R&D projects on the EU and regional levels.

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Production program or services

We provide research and development services and consulting services in the field of electric power systems control and operation, with an emphasis on advanced smart grid technologies, ICT usage and advanced services, approaches and tools.