The primary target group of SiEnE members are businesses subjects with adequate research & development or production capacities and global competencies.

Regular member

The primary target group are business entities with appropriate research and development or production capacity and global competencies.
The business entity becomes a regular member of the partnership
  • by accepting and signing the declaration of accession,

  • by decision of the Steering Committee of the SiEnE and

  • by paying an admission fee and an annual membership fee.

Partnership supporter

Businesses subjects not included in the primary target members’ group (e.g. ministries, agencies, various associations or partnerships, economic interest groupings etc.) can become partnership supporter.

A partnership supporter can become any business subject or natural person supportive of the partnership’s operations, who is willing to assist partnership in establishing itself, gaining visibility and operating more effectively.

A partnership supporter does not have to pay the entry and membership fee and has no financial liabilities towards the partnership.

Membership benefits

  • advantage over non-members in activities and projects undertaken by SiEnE,

  • individual consideration of projects and proposals, and solutions oriented to members' needs,

  • the opportunity to draft project proposals and involvement in international research & development, and technological demo projects,

  • the possibility of a joint presence, at defence fairs and other defence events,

  • the chance to present your own research & development, and technological and production competencies and facilities, during visits by foreign delegations,

  • the possibility of lower activity participation fees, due to the generation of a comprehensive, synergistic approach,

  • the opportunity to take part in training events for specific target groups,

  • information on specific defence programmes and projects of the Si MoD, EDA and NATO,

  • the possibility of further discounts on partnership services.

Membership and entry fee

Entry fee (one time)

  • a one-off contribution, to be paid when a new member joins the partnership

  • 75% off the annual membership fee

(in part, cover the cost of partnership operations in previous years)

The entry fee is not charged for accessions in 2020 and 2021.

Membership payment (annual)

  • payable annually by every member of the partnership

(intended to cover the costs of the partnership operations in that calendar year).

  • the membership fee covers 1 January to 31 December of the current calendar year

(valid until cancellation, automatically renewed every year, unless the member terminates the membership, in written form, by the end of the year, charged in proportion to the number of monthsbetween the time of joining and the end of the year)

Join partnership

If you are interested in joining the SiEnE partnership, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you