The consortium of the MODEL+ project visited the production facilities of the partner DANFOSS TRATA
Energy-efficient solutions for creating a healthier and more comfortable climate in buildings and homes.
11. 04. 2024
The consortium of the MODEL+ project visited the production facilities of the partner DANFOSS TRATA
MODEL+ project consortium visited the production facilities of the partner DANFOSS TRATA....
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15. 03. 2024
EDF Work Programme 2024 Published!
EDF's Research and Development in Defence Work programme 2024 published!...
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29. 02. 2024
Energy & Environment CapTech 6th meeting with active Slovenian participation
The 6th Energy and Environment CapTech meeting, held under the auspices of the European Defence Agency (EDA) on the 13th and 14th of February 2024. ...
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21. 02. 2024
The MODEL+ project consortium make a tour to production of modular buildings by partner REM d.o.o.
Partners of the MODEL+ project consortium and TECES, project coordinator, met at a regular monthly technical and project meeting at the headquarters...
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14. 02. 2024
HibroM Project in the prototype development phase
At the end of 2023, HibroM R&D project entered the phase of development and prototyping of a hybrid mobile micro network of temporary bases....
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15. 01. 2024
HibroM visiting new production line of battery modules
We are delighted that the RRI consortium of the HibroM project had the opportunity to visit the Li-ion battery production of our partner TAB d.d. ...
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24. 10. 2023
Energy & Environment CapTech 5th meeting in Maribor successfully concluded
More than 55 experts from Ministries of Defence, industry, universities, and research institutes from 16 European countries participated in the ...
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28. 09. 2023
Project HibroM partners visit the Slovenian Armed Forces's Temporary Deployable Base
Partners of the RDI project HibroM visited a temporary camp of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) to familiarise themselves with current energy sistems....
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29. 08. 2023
HibroM RDI project Kick-Off at Slovenian Ministry of Defence
The Slovenian MoD hosted the Kick-Off RDI HibroM, Development of hybrid mobile microgrids for deployable dual-use camps project...
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17. 07. 2023
Car-sharing at the Slovenian Ministry of Defence
As part of its activities to reduce the environmental impact and greening of defence, the Ministry of Defence (the Ministry) has introduced car ...
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6. 07. 2023
Slovenian representative appointed as the EDA's EnE CapTech Industry Rapporteur
The Slovenian representative from TECES and SiEnE partnership appointed as the Industry Rapporteur of the Energy and Environment CapTech...
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26. 06. 2023
New Sector for Energy Efficience and Green Transition at The Slovenian Ministry of Defence
In February 2023, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia (MORS) was empowered with a new Energy Efficiency and Green Transition Sector......
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7. 06. 2023
Minister of Defence and TECES signed a letter of support for INDY project
Minister of Defence, Mr. Marjan Šarec and TECES signed a letter of support for the implementation of the EDF-2021 INDY project....
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9. 05. 2023
Slovenian approach towards greening defence at the "EDID 2023"
Partnership SiEnE's active role in co-creating international greening defence guidelines at the "EDID 2023"....
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EDF 2023
31. 03. 2023
New EDF work programme 2023 published!
The new EDF work programme 2023 is published! Deadline for submission 22 November 2023....
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23. 02. 2023
The Kick-Off of the EDF-2021-INDY project
More than 80 experts from 13 European countries participated in the Kick-Off meeting in Maribor, Slovenia, between 16-17 February 2023 to start the ...
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20. 02. 2023
The EDF-2021-INDY project presentation
The INDY project represents one of the first strategic projects supporting the green energy transition and improved energy efficiency...
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12. 01. 2023
International conference: »Towards a greener Defence«
On January 24, 2023, the international conference »Towards a greener Defence" will be held in Bordeaux, France....
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14. 10. 2022
Hydrogen as an important energy source in the greening defence
The 1st international thematic workshop of the CF SEDSS on hydrogen and hydrogen technologies was organised in Ljubljana, 11-12 October. ...
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25. 07. 2022
Slovenia's exceptional success in the EDF 2021 tender
TECES is one of the most successful Slovenian applicants in the EDF 2021 tender - projects INDY and NOMAD approved for funding. ...
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5. 07. 2022
Slovenia recognised at the EU forum CF SEDSS
Founders of the SiEnE partnership active at the 4th CF SEDSS III conference in France. ...
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25. 05. 2022
EDF work programme 2022 adopted, calls in early June
European Defence Fund (EDF) provides €1 billion to boost the EU’s defence capabilities and new tools for defence innovation...
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21. 04. 2022
Business and development opportunities in the EU defence
Providing more detailed insight into the functioning of the international defence environment to Slovenian stakeholders. ...
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8. 04. 2022
Development missions are key RD orientations for 10 years
Development missions are strategic areas understood as development orientations for advanced technological solutions, processes and services....
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SiEnE Past, Future 2022
1. 04. 2022
SiEnE’s partnership operation exceeded all expectations!
The conclusion based on past achievements and planned activities in 2022 identified new areas of reinforced SiEnE's operation....
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31. 03. 2022
Waste to energy technologies in defence
EDA and TNO organized a workshop dedicated to the topic of WTE solutions applicable to the defence sector and military deployable camps. ...
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18. 03. 2022
Most important critical raw materials for EU defence sector are?
In March the SiEnE representatives attended the EDA's Mat CapTech and IF CEED international online webinar "Circularity of Critical Raw Materials"...
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18. 03. 2022
The development of interoperability only with quality standards!
On March 15, 2022, the SiEnE representatives attended the EDA's pilot webinar entitled »European Defence Standardisation«....
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14. 03. 2022
The SiEnE representatives proposed a new project to EnE CapTech
The representatives of the Slovenian partnership SiEnE attended the 1st EDA’s Energy and Environment CapTech meeting in February 2022....
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22. 02. 2022
Conclusion of the R&D feasibility study smart deployable camps
In 2021, we successfully completed an RD study for the Slovenian Ministry of Defence on ways of developing smart energy-efficient deployable camps. ...
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17. 07. 2021
EDF launched first calls for 2021!
The European Defence Fund (EDF) has published the first set of tenders, where 37 tender areas in a total value of 1,2 billion EUR is available. ...
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16. 03. 2021
RESHUB Project
In the framework of the RESHUB project – Defence RESilience HUB Network in Europe – the Slovenian Ministry of Defence (Si MoD) is setting up a network...
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16. 03. 2021
Hydrogen and natural water cycle
In the case of the natural water cycle, the sun’s energy promotes water evaporation from natural resources, such as rivers, lakes, seas and plants. ...
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9. 02. 2021
Another five members joined SiEnE in January
In January 2021 additional five members joined the SiEnE partnership; Faculty of Design, Associated Member of University of Primorska;...
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11. 01. 2021
Another nine members joined SiEnE in December
In December 2020, nine additional members joined the SiEnE partnership: the companies ADRIA DOM d.o.o., ALPLES d.d., DOMEL, d.o.o., PODKRIŽNIK d.o.o.,...
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8. 01. 2021
Summary of the meeting on cooperation between civil and defence stakeholders
On Wednesday, 16. December 2020, the first meeting on strengthening the cooperation between civil and defence stakeholders in the sphere of energy and...
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24. 11. 2020
Start of a feasibility study Smart Camps
As from October 2020, TECES has been conducting a feasibility study on ways of developing smart deployable infrastructure or Smart Deployable Camps...
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23. 11. 2020
The first six members entered partnership
In October 2020 the first six members entered the SiEnE: the companies TROIA d.o.o. and ROBOTINA d.o.o., the Laboratory for Cooling and District Energ...
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12. 11. 2020
Presentation of SiEnE at the Greening Defence event
On 5 November 2020, the SiEnE partnership was presented at the event “Greening Defence – how to make the Armed Forces more sustainable"....
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10. 11. 2020
First EDA CF SEDSS Conference
The first two-day conference to be held under the auspices of the German EU Presidency and organised by the Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy ...
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6. 10. 2020
SiEnE demonstration at 16th meeting of EDA’s EnE WG
On 22 September 2020, the SiEnE was successfully introduced at a meeting of the Energy and Environment Working Group (EnE WG), part of the EDA...
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14. 09. 2020
SiEnE presented at a NATO member state ambassadors meeting
On Friday, 11th September 2020, the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and the Slovenian Armed Forces...
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