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SiEnE presented at a NATO member state ambassadors meeting
SiEnE presented at a NATO member state ambassadors meeting
SiEnE presented at a NATO member state ambassadors meeting
SiEnE presented at a NATO member state ambassadors meeting
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On Friday, 11th September 2020, the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Slovenian Ministry of Defence and the Slovenian Armed Forces, hosted a meeting for NATO member state ambassadors accredited to Slovenia, in the Edvard Peperko Barracks in Ljubljana.
At this event, held in cooperation with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Slovenian companies got the opportunity to present themselves in the framework of the Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (GOIS). Participants were also able to familiarise themselves with the Slovenian Energy and Environment Partnership in Defence (SiEnE), established under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and TECES in July 2020.

The event was attended by numerous high-level representatives of NATO member states, ministries, and the Slovenian Armed Forces. An introductory address was given by the Slovenian Foreign Minister, Dr Anže Logar, and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Uroš Lampret. In the barracks, the participants were welcomed by the Commander of the 10th Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Bojan Langerholc.

The opening remarks highlighted the importance of both good cooperation between foreign and defence policies and the integration of allies within NATO. Good cooperation is supportive of the Slovenian defence industry and thus the integration of the Slovenian economy, including in the field of research and development.

Presentation of Slovenian companies

In the introductory session, various solutions by Slovenian companies were presented to the participants. At this event, Matej Gajzer, the representative of the Slovenian industry cluster TECES and SRIP Smart Buildings, presented the newly launched Slovenian Energy and Environment Partnership in Defence (SiEnE).

SiEnE represents an additional opportunity to strengthen the integration of Slovenian partners in defence programmes and value chains.

Similar events offering a further opportunity to increase visibility

Similar events, organised at the highest level of the state, certainly represent an excellent opportunity to present the capacities of Slovenian companies and research organisations and to strengthen their international visibility.

Various industry and innovation clusters, such as TECES and GOIS, as well as development partnerships, such as SiEnE and other development partnerships (SRIPs), can have a profound effect in terms of increasing recognition of solutions generated by Slovenian companies and research organisations.

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