Our main research activities are modelling, conceptual design and optimization of different processes in thermal engineering and thermal management. Due to the intensive technological development in recent years, we have focused also on different activities in the field of micro heat transfer and fractal structures. In addition to conventional methods of heat transfer, we have […]


Robotina’s vision is “to become leading provider of smart connected IoT solutions, components and platforms, which will contribute to a new model of connected society through its technology and expertise”. For this purpose, Robotina supply partners with products, data and tools to achieve significant improvements in managing their real time connected processes through system lifetime. […]


ZAG is the leading Slovenian Institute in the field of building and civil engineering. We have 220 employees and our annual turnover is approx. 11 MIO € (2019). ZAG research and testing sector is divided up into four departments: materials, building physics, structures, and geotechnics and infrastructure, it also has its own department for metrology. […]

TROIA d.o.o.

The company was established in 2010 and today employs more than 30 professionals. The company has a strong service expertise in planning, administrating, consulting and implementation of information solutions. The team has more than 20 years of experience in asset management projects skills in Slovenia, SE Europe and the Middle East. The company is considered […]


UM FERI has more than 200 researchers, 50 technicians over 2000 students. It is one of the leading educational and research institutions in the field of electrical engineering and computer science in Southeast Europe. The researched activities are carried out in 8 institutes with 26 laboratories, in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, informatics, […]


The Department of Energy Engineering addresses a wide range of challenges in the energy and mobility sector as well as challenges of sustainable development. The challenges of sustainable energy management are inherently linked to the sector-coupling, which is addressed through a system level multi-domain and multi-scale approach. In addition to the systems level approach, we […]


SPICA Group is the leading provider of solutions for Supply Chain Management and Work Force Management in the Adriatic region. Over 100 experts are employed in companies in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje, Podgorica and London. SPICA solutions help to increase the efficiency and agility of processes in the Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics and Government along […]

SMARTIS d.o.o.

SmartIS is a leading provider of information solutions and services for various business sectors and the public sector. The company combines competences in the areas of system integration, systems management, data, information, cyber security and strategic assets and services. In addition, it offers custom services development and the development of its own products in the […]

DOMEL d.o.o.

Reliable partner with more than 70 years of tradition DOMEL is a developer and supplier of advanced solutions in the field of electric motors and components. Our basic competence is how to design an efficient motor and make a reliable motor construction for a variety of markets from household to gardening, industrial, heat and ventilation, […]


Established in 1955 ALPLES company is the leading furniture manufacturer in Slovenia. With a team of 145 dedicated employees we aspire to provide high-quality and efficient service for our customers. Through our long-standing experience and tradition we have developed the knowledge and skills that allow us to keep pace with both the latest technology and […]