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New Sector for Energy Efficience and Green Transition at The Slovenian Ministry of Defence
New Sector for Energy Efficience and Green Transition at The Slovenian Ministry of Defence
New Sector for Energy Efficience and Green Transition at The Slovenian Ministry of Defence
New Sector for Energy Efficience and Green Transition at The Slovenian Ministry of Defence
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In February 2023, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia (MORS) was empowered with a new Energy Efficiency and Green Transition Sector. The aim of the Sector is to empower efforts and activities in ensuring defence security, in conjunction with technological progress and environmental protection.

The Ministry of Defence and the Slovenian Armed Forces have long been working to achieve the EU's climate ambition goals, including improving energy efficiency, energy infrastructure rehabilitation, reducing carbon footprint, improving sustainable mobility, awareness raising, education, etc.

With the establishment of the Sector, the Ministry has taken a significant step forward in the operational implementation of activities and technical, expert and analytical tasks related to increasing energy efficiency, reducing the emission footprint, increasing energy self-sufficiency and the introduction of renewable or alternative energy sources.

Mission, Aims and Goals

In addition, the sector’s work is also focused on developing methodologies for measuring energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste production, as well as setting up a system where relevant energy and environmental data can be measured and recorded in one place. This should allow faster analysis of trends, needs, achievement of targets and progress assessment.

The sector is also expected to be a bridge in linking energy efficiency and green transition activities within the Ministry, nationally and internationally, with NATO and the EU, and with science and industry organisations.

The Ministry of Defence has for several years been playing an active role in bringing together knowledge and ideas in the field of sustainable policies, participating in numerous projects and national and international working groups to develop solutions for a “green” and secure future. These include close cooperation with TECES, Green Tech Cluster with which MORS co-founded the Slovenian Partnership for Energy and Environment in Defence (SiEnE) in 2020.

Example Leads the Way

The Ministry is an important operational stakeholder, shaping the future of energy efficiency and recognising the importance of a “green” future. In addition to the day-to-day operational performance of its tasks, it aims to influence the future both through its activities and by example.

Important shifts are taking place in the area of mobility, where activities and planning are being aligned with the guidelines. The Ministry is increasing the use of e-vehicles every year, and in parallel, activities are being carried out to support the needs of electric vehicles by setting up a network of charging stations.

A few years ago, the Ministry also provided the possibility of renting bicycles. In the last period, a step further has been taken. Business journeys of up to one kilometre are considered short journeys and are made by Ministry staff on foot or by bicycle. For journeys longer than one kilometre, the use of public transport throughout the city is envisaged, in addition to the use of bicycles, which includes the rental of electric vehicles via a public platform.

The Ministry is implementing projects related to the energy renovation of buildings (Edvard Peperek Barracks), and the ALENOS project included the electrification of the training ground at Bač, which has become energy independent through the implementation of advanced technologies.

Finally, of course, there is training, awareness-raising and the realisation that it is examples that make a difference.

Additional information

Written by: Srečko Kravcar, SiMoD| Edited by: Nataša Rebernik, TECES

Za več informacij o možnostih vašega sodelovanja v aktivnostih SiEnE in vključevanja v mednarodne aktivnosti, projekte ali dobavne verige, nas kontaktirajte. Z veseljem bomo skupaj pregledali možnosti sodelovanja.

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