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23. 02. 2023
The Kick-Off of the EDF-2021-INDY project
More than 80 experts from 13 European countries participated in the Kick-Off meeting in Maribor, Slovenia, between 16-17 February 2023 to start the ...
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20. 02. 2023
The EDF-2021-INDY project presentation
The INDY project represents one of the first strategic projects supporting the green energy transition and improved energy efficiency...
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12. 01. 2023
International conference: »Towards a greener Defence«
On January 24, 2023, the international conference »Towards a greener Defence" will be held in Bordeaux, France....
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14. 10. 2022
Hydrogen as an important energy source in the greening defence
The 1st international thematic workshop of the CF SEDSS on hydrogen and hydrogen technologies was organised in Ljubljana, 11-12 October. ...
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25. 07. 2022
Slovenia's exceptional success in the EDF 2021 tender
TECES is one of the most successful Slovenian applicants in the EDF 2021 tender - projects INDY and NOMAD approved for funding. ...
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5. 07. 2022
Slovenia recognised at the EU forum CF SEDSS
Founders of the SiEnE partnership active at the 4th CF SEDSS III conference in France. ...
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