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11. 04. 2024
The consortium of the MODEL+ project visited the production facilities of the partner DANFOSS TRATA
MODEL+ project consortium visited the production facilities of the partner DANFOSS TRATA....
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15. 03. 2024
EDF Work Programme 2024 Published!
EDF's Research and Development in Defence Work programme 2024 published!...
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29. 02. 2024
Energy & Environment CapTech 6th meeting with active Slovenian participation
The 6th Energy and Environment CapTech meeting, held under the auspices of the European Defence Agency (EDA) on the 13th and 14th of February 2024. ...
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21. 02. 2024
The MODEL+ project consortium make a tour to production of modular buildings by partner REM d.o.o.
Partners of the MODEL+ project consortium and TECES, project coordinator, met at a regular monthly technical and project meeting at the headquarters...
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14. 02. 2024
HibroM Project in the prototype development phase
At the end of 2023, HibroM R&D project entered the phase of development and prototyping of a hybrid mobile micro network of temporary bases....
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15. 01. 2024
HibroM visiting new production line of battery modules
We are delighted that the RRI consortium of the HibroM project had the opportunity to visit the Li-ion battery production of our partner TAB d.d. ...
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