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29. 08. 2023
HibroM Kicks-Off at Slovenian Ministry of Defence
SiMoD hosted Kick-Off HibroM project - Development of hybrid mobile Microgrids for deployable dual-use camps under SiEnE partnership projects...
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17. 07. 2023
Car-sharing at the Slovenian Ministry of Defence
Car-sharing at the Slovenian Ministry of Defence...
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6. 07. 2023
Slovenian representative appointed as the EDA's EnE CapTech Industry Rapporteur
The Slovenian representative from TECES and SiEnE partnership appointed as the Industry Rapporteur of the Energy and Environment CapTech...
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26. 06. 2023
New Sector for Energy Efficience and Green Transition at The Slovenian Ministry of Defence
In February 2023, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia (MORS) was empowered with a new Energy Efficiency and Green Transition Sector......
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7. 06. 2023
Minister of Defence and TECES signed a letter of support for INDY project
Minister of Defence, Mr. Marjan Šarec and TECES signed a letter of support for the implementation of the EDF-2021 INDY project....
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9. 05. 2023
Slovenian approach towards greening defence at the "EDID 2023"
Partnership SiEnE's active role in co-creating international greening defence guidelines at the "EDID 2023"....
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