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Slovenia recognised at the EU forum CF SEDSS
Slovenia recognised at the largest EU forum for addressing energy challenges in the defence - CF SEDSS
Slovenia recognised at the EU forum CF SEDSS
Slovenia recognised at the largest EU forum for addressing energy challenges in the defence - CF SEDSS
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Last week, the founders of the SiEnE partnership (MORS and TECES) actively participated in the 4th CF SEDSS III conference in France. The CF SEDSS is the largest European defence energy-related community. More than 150 experts from 26 European countries attended the event.

As part of the 4th CF SEDSS conference, the 1st CF SEDSS III Energy Technology Solutions (ETS) conference and the "Strategic Autonomy in the Defence Energy Sector" exhibition were held for the first time. Various projects supporting the green transition in the defence sector were presented. Slovenian representatives presented up-to-date activities of the SiEnE partnership, in which we addressed green innovative solutions in green transition and energy and environmental challenges in defence (greening defence).

Slovenian representatives were also active in 4 working groups, which content is focused on ongoing energy-related challenges in both the civil and defence purposes. Most of these challenges are directly related to topics of interest in TECES, SRIP Smart Buildings and Homes, and SiEnE.

At the event, Col. Robert Šipec from Si MOD presented the new Slovenian proposal for the international project "VirMES - Virtualisation of the Multi Energy Sources" which will showcase the international cooperation between representatives of the defence and civil sectors from various EU member states and the European Defence Agency (EDA).

Slovenia’s extremely proactive international role in supporting the green transition

The TECES and MORS, under the auspices of the SiEnE partnership, have been extremely proactive in various international events and activities on the topic of environmental and energy challenges in defence.

Slovenia is becoming recognised as one of the leading countries in integrating the experiences of the green transition and civil solutions in support of greening defence, and the support for the development of dual-use solutions.

This enables playing an increasingly strategic and coordinating role in the preparation of international partnerships, preparing and presenting project proposals, and networking with international partners with the support of Si MoD. With this, we provide our members unique opportunities for international cooperation and involvement in international defence/civilian programs and global value chains.

The active role of Slovenian experts at the CF SEDSS event

TECES, MORS and SiEnE representatives participated in the 4th conference “Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector – CF SEDSS”, which took place between 29.06. and 1.07.2022 in Bordeaux, France.

The event was organised by the European Defence Agency (EDA), the French Ministry of Defence and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) under the auspices of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU). More than 150 experts from 26 European countries (representatives of EU ministries of defence, industry, European defence agency (EDA), European Commission (EC), research organisations (RO), etc.) attended the event.

In addition to the plenary sessions, which were focused on the green transition, increasing energy efficiency, and replacing fossil fuels with renewable resources, Slovenian experts also actively participated in 4 CF SEDSS working groups (WG1, WG2, WG3 and TWG):

  • WG1: improving the energy management and increasing the energy efficiency and buildings performance;
  • WG2: use of renewable energy sources and technologies in the defence sector;
  • WG3: increasing the protection and resilience of defence-related critical energy infrastructure;
  • TWG (Transversal WG): cross-sectoral area of ​​policy and management, technology, research and innovation hub and funding instruments.

We were once again active in submitting new project proposals for international integration.

In the TWG working group Slovenian interests are represented by Col. Robert Šipec (Si MoD) and Matej Gajzer (TECES). We presented the new proposal for the international project VirMES – Virtualisation of Multi Energy Systems. The proposal attracted a lot of participants interest, and at the same time stimulated an active discussion about the complexity of integrating the latest civil simulation solutions and technologies into the defence.

The VirMES project is the second Slovenian proposal of a bigger international project that was presented at the CF SEDSS. The first international project proposal submitted by Si MoD was the RESHUB project.

A distinctive Slovenian presentation at the exhibition under the slogan “GREENING DEFENCE”

As part of the 1st CF SEDSS Energy Technology Solutions (ETS) event, the exhibition »Strategic Autonomy in the Defence Energy Sector« was held, which was dedicated to presentations of energy-related projects and solutions. On this occasion, TECES and SiEnE presented the Slovenian approach to support the green transition in the defence under the title “Slovenian approach towards GREENING DEFENCE”. We presented the strategic program of smart, energy-efficient deployable camps for defence and civil purposes, as well as ongoing Slovenian and international projects and activities.

The 5th CF SEDSS III Conference is scheduled between 30/11/2022 – 1/12/2022 in Prague, Czech Republic.


Read more about 4th CF SEDSS III.

Read more about 1st CF SEDSS III ETS conference and exhibition.


Additional information

For more information about your participation in the SiEnE activities and involvement in international activities, projects, or supply chains, contact us.

dr. Kim MEZGA – TECES .:. +386 2 333 13 54 .:.


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